Auger Torque



The Earth Drill ML1500-ML2500’s are the perfect choice for Mini Loaders.

High-quality hydraulic motors, output shaft bearings which are 50% larger than our nearest competitors comparable drive, the use of only high-grade materials and the latest manufacturing techniques and the versatility to easily switch between attachments mean that the Auger Torque Earth Drill will give you the long, reliable service life you need. Auger Torques Mini Loader Earth Drill frame will enable you to use this Earth Drill as both an auger drive as well as a mixing bowl setup, making it an extremely versatile addition to your mini loader.


MODEL ML1500 ML2000 ML2500
Oil Pressure Range 70-205 Bar 70-240 Bar 70-240 Bar
Torque Range 511-1496 Nm 639-2190 Nm 830-2847 Nm
Oil Flow Range 20-45 lpm 25-57 lpm 27-65 lpm
Speed Range 44-98 rpm 43-99 rpm 36-87 rpm
Hub Options 65mm Round 65mm Round 65mm Round
Height 406 mm 465 mm 465 mm
Width 205 mm 205 mm 205 mm
Weight 38kg 40kg 40kg
Hitch Options 2 Way Swing
4 Way Swing
2 Way Swing
4 Way Swing
2 Way Swing
4 Way Swing
Auger Range S4 S4 S4
Rec. Drilling Diameter Range 100 – 400 mm 100 – 450 mm 100 – 500 mm

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