TankSafe® Shield


TankSafe® Shield

TankSafe® 'Shield' Anti-Siphon

With TankSafe® ‘Shield’ fitted you will have peace of mind that you won't find your fuel tank emptied
Shortest, strongest and most secure Anti-Siphon on the market.
  • Prevents large scale siphoning due to short chamber, meaning only top few inches of fuel is exposed to theft
  • Solid Dome Base ensures TankSafe ‘Shield’ cannot be compromised
  • Fit and forget solution – robust, secure fitment method

Proven to protect more fuel than any other anti-siphon

Stops 3rd party thieves
A truck parked in a depot, lay-by, truck-stop, seemingly safe and secure. Unfortunately, these locations are targets for organised 3rd party thieves determined to siphon your fuel and put a huge dent in your profits and pockets. TankSafe® ‘Shield’ has been designed to stop all unwanted intruders, meaning your profits and fuel stay where they belong.

Limits skimming unlike 'basic' anti-siphons

All Anti-Siphons have an inherent design weakness. Whilst they may prevent large scale 3rd party theft, their design means they sit in the fuel at the top of the tank, enabling thieves to ‘skim’ the top few inches of fuel.Although this type of theft often goes unnoticed, it accounts for 99% of all fuel theft. The TankSafe® ‘Shield’ limits skimming, protecting your fuel.
There are 5 other common weaknesses of 'basic‘ Anti-Siphons
  1. Weak Bases: Anti-Siphon bases can be easily knocked out exposing the entire tank to fuel theft
  2. Fuel at the top of the tank is exposed: All anti-siphons have a chamber that sits in the top of the tank allowing fuel to be siphoned to its base. The longer the anti-siphon chamber, the more fuel can be ‘skimmed’
  1. Large Holes: Some anti-siphons can be easily bypassed with small tubes to siphon the entire tank
  2. Restrict Filling: A health, safety and environmental issue, some anti-siphons can cause fuel spit back during filling
  3. Insecure fittings: Easy for fuel thieves to remove the anti-siphons

A Fit-and-Forget Solution for the lifetime of your trucks