Established by a team of hauliers in 2001, TISS knows how important it is to protect a truck’s biggest operating cost - its fuel. Spearheaded by the TankSafe® Optimum, millions of TankSafe® fuel security devices have been sold globally to thousands of truck operators. We are the preferred fuel security solution for some of the most recognisable fleets on the road and the approved anti-siphon to many of the world’s leading OEMs.

Fit market-leading TankSafe® fuel security solutions to protect your fleet’s fuel.

Diesel Spills

Take a look at your fleet’s fuel tanks and see if this applies to your fleet

Diesel spills from your fleet’s fuel tanks are a hazard not just to your business but to wider society.

Whether it’s a driver overfilling, a faulty or poorly fitted cap, or an ineffective antiphon, spills can have grave consequences:

  • Accident cause - harming other road users and the public
  • Potential lawsuits
  • Environmental damage and fines

One small diesel spill poses a huge danger to other road users, particularly cyclists and motorcyclists who are at high risk of sustaining serious injury.

Diesel Theft

3rd Party Theft = 1% of all fuel theft

There are 2 ways that fuel theft occurs:

3rd Party Theft is when large amounts of fuel are siphoned. Often it’s conducted by organised gangs. It can occur anywhere a truck is parked: at lay-bys, truck stops, depots.

All that is required is a siphoning tube and a container to put the stolen fuel in. Organised gangs may have generators and large drums to enable them to siphon even more fuel quicker.

However, this type of fuel theft only accounts for 1% of all fuel theft.

Skimming = 99% of all fuel theft

Skimming Theft is invisible to you, yet it accounts for 99% of all fuel theft that occurs.

It’s when small amounts of fuel are stolen on a regular basis from the top of the tank.

It can simply be done with a siphoning tube and a container, and is commonly conducted by drivers who see it as a perk of the job.

Trusted by thousands of fleets globally, and many of the world's leading OEMs.



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