The new generation of MARINI Batch Plants is designed to combine the traditional features of performance and technology with new high levels of fatigue resistance plus easy use and maintenance while maintaining the essential simplicity.

A Whole New Concept of Design

  • This latest addition to the MARINI family, a series of plants producing up to 240 tph, is a new entry compared with its more widely known sister plant TOP TOWER (over 360 tph). In the new BE TOWER, we find many of the design concepts which have led to the success of  TOP TOWER and eTOWER, in particular the efficient compact dryer-filter tower, capable of guaranteeing significant energy savings, presented in its new layout aimed at further improvements in straightforward plant management and reduced use of ground space.

Keyword: Essentiality

  • Simple and Essential: The perfect plant for clients who need to produce asphalt and complete laying operations in the shortest time possible, wherever the delivery site location may be. The modular design, even in its basic version, provides all the necessary fundamentals for managing and producing asphalt mixes. It is perfect for clients wanting an up-to-date plant without forfeiting the reliability and the advantages of the traditional plants.

Performance in Transport and Ultrafast Assembly

  • BE TOWER underlines the concept of transportability with its containerised modules which make the transfer into a quick, easy and economical operation – and also more secure. All the parts are protected from atmospheric degradation, accidental damage and theft of component parts.
  • Another key factor of this new plant is its quick assembly and readiness for work, with consequent cost reduction for the producer, thanks to pre-cabling of the electrics for each module and to the drum-filter bar which offers the following advantages:
    – ground reduction requirements(up to 40% less compared with a traditional plant with dryer/filter/recovered fines bin at ground level)
    – no screw conveyors on ground
    – fumes duct (short and integrated into modules)
    – metal base to cut down on expensive civil work

Extreme Flexibility and Easy Maintenance

  • This manageable plant has comfortable spaces for accurate, quick and completely safe maintenance operations. Conceived to minimise training time of operators and staff on-site, the plant is easy to use and hard-working round the clock. It is built with care and manufactured with high quality, long-lasting materials for constant work regimes.

Options and Kits for Plant Completion

  • At any moment in time, whenever the need arises, optional extras can also be added, like RAP feed into the mixer (up to 30% for BE TOWER 1500, up to 40 % for the other), as well as warm mix asphalt kits and much more too. The plant can be provided with finished product storage bins, fitted under or alongside the mixer.
  • The control cabin is fitted with highly reliable, long-lasting components, such as the dustproof industrial computer which can operate under a wide range of working temperatures. The software is the reliable well-tested CYBERTRONIC500, which can be customised and updated quickly and cheaply.

Why the New BE Tower Is the Plant for You?

  • The BE TOWER has been designed by MARINI to guarantee a solid non-stop performance, and at the same time to offer a concentration of technology and innovation where maintenance is made easy for the plant technicians.
  • It goes without saying that the plant offers good market VALUE, with its lower TCO (total cost of ownership), its competitive purchase price added to minimal costs of transport, erection and maintenance. It is certainly a high-quality, well-guaranteed MARINI plant, which offers a secure and profitable investment.


  • Production MAXI:  160 t/h
  • Cold feeders: type and number: on customer request
  • Dryer drum: E180 (L=8.5 m/D=1.80 m)
  • Burner power output: 9 MW
  • Recovered fines hopper: 22 t
  • Filter surface: 525 m2
  • Screen surface total area: 4 sel.= 16,5 m2 / 5 sel.= 20,8 m2
  • Under screen compartment: 4 (5 as an option)
  • Hot aggregate storage under the screen: 20 ou 52 t
  • Mixer capacity: 2 t
  • Imported filler storage: on customer request
  • Bitumen storage: on customer request
  • HMA storage / compartments: direct loading, 30 t in 1 compartment (under mixer), 2 x 30 t in 2 compts (under mixer), 2 x 70 t in 2 compts (under mixer), 2 x 30 in 2 compts (storage on side), 36 t + 45 t in 2 compts (storage on side, optional up to 221 t)
  • Recycling: 40% RAP into the mixer


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