JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ

JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ

The JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ Loadall takes telescopic handler visibility to new levels, particularly the three-quarter view to the rear of the machine. It’s a full-sized 3-stage Loadall with a huge reach and a highly efficient DIESELMAX engine. This is achieved via a lowered boom pivot and a reduced-size (though very strong) boom section. The result is a 10% increase in all-round visibility, making the machine easier and faster to operate. To cap it off, there’s a compact reduced-overhang chassis for superb steering and maneuverability.


Performance And Productivity

A JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ Loadall has a phenomenal three-quarter view thanks to a boom height that’s been reduced by 235mm. Innovative construction techniques and material choices have reduced this telescopic handler’s overall boom section size by 13%. That adds up to a 10% increase in all-round visibility for fast, easy operation. The JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ is a very maneuverable telehandler; the compact wheelbase, large steering lock angles and three selectable steer modes save you valuable travel time on site. JCB’s 63kW DIESELMAX motor produces its power and torque at low engine speeds for great responsiveness, and our wide range of Construction Loadall models means you can find the perfect machine for your requirements. A parallel lift provides excellent load retention on the JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ, while good ground clearance, four-wheel-drive and a hydrostatic transmission aid efficiency still further.

A Good Investment

JCB’s DIESELMAX motor produces high levels of power and torque even at low engine speeds, which means that a JCB Construction Loadall can provide fuel-efficient matching of transmission and hydraulics. A JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ telescopic handler is a great asset in so many respects, not least financially – huge global demand, plus legendary productivity and superb build quality equals maximum resale value. The JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ comes with 4WD as standard, helping you maintain plenty of traction and performance even in soft, muddy areas. Its parallel lift capability means the JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ Loadall offers excellent load retention.

Made To Last

A JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ Loadall is fitted with a tough inverted U-shaped boom pressing with fully welded closing plates. For extra strength we limit the number of joints and stress points across our integrated boom nose and one-piece closing plate. The boom on a JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ is mounted low in the chassis, providing a rigid structure and maximum over-the-shoulder visibility. Hoses are routed through the boom for maximum protection, while boom overlaps of up to 1.0m ensure ultimate strength and durability. JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ telehandler engines are tried and tested; we’ve built 200,000 DIESELMAX units since 2004, and fitted them to a variety of machines across different applications and environments. There’s a radiator chaff guard and a reversing fan option to keep out debris on this JCB Loadall. The new 535-125 HI-VIZ telescopic handler’s stringent testing programme has included prolonged high stress loading of the chassis, boom and other key components, as well as repeated transmission use over thousands of cycles. A one-piece fully welded chassis maximizes the strength and minimizes the weight of the JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ.

A Slick Operation

On bright days, standard-fit tinted cab glass will reflect 30% of the sun’s energy for enhanced operator comfort. An improved rear window seal provides positive closure; this keeps dust and debris out of the JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ cab. The JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ Loadall has class-leading comfort, not least because of its spacious, safe, side-entry cab. Visibility is also superb and there is a stable door for ventilation. This telescopic handler has a fully adjustable suspension seat and steering column, mobile phone holder and intelligently placed air vents, to ergonomic controls on the front console. Controls on the JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ telehandler are intelligently grouped for instinctive use, with hydraulic, transmission and stabilizer controls laid out for quick, safe and precise operation.

Safe And Secure

For quick, easy, safe access, this telescopic handler offers three points of contact at all times for operators getting into and out of the cab. A JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ comes equipped with a full set of side and rear view mirrors for all round visibility. For extra safety, a reverse alarm is standard-fit too. The load moment indicator, providing progressive read out of forward stability, is at eye level for easy checks and maximum safety. All JCB Loadall windows are etched with serial numbers, and a battery isolator immobilises the machine. The JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ telescopic handler’s backlit switches are clearly visible, even at night or in low visibility.

Less Servicing, More Service

Every JCB Loadall is designed to maximize uptime and productivity. To do that, we make sure our components last a long time and, when routine replacements need to take place, we make sure everything important is easily accessible. All daily checks and greasing on a JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ Loadall can be carried out at ground level; engine oil, hydraulic and fuel filters are centrally located for convenience. The air filter is also easily accessible, and easy to clean. For fast, easy inspection of 3 sides of the engine, this telescopic handler has a large, wide service bay, accessed by a gas-assisted bonnet. The fold-out cooling package is easy to clean, as is the flat floor with drainage channels. You can access a JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ Loadall’s battery easily (and without specialist tools) via a lockable cover that’s opened with the ignition key. The diesel tank is also easy to get to, and can be filled from ground level. For protection from dirty fuel, there’s an integral pre-filter in the filler neck. A dry lubricant system means the JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ wear pads are extremely durable, with service intervals of 500 hours – compared to around 250 hours on typical competitor machines.


  • Maximum Engine Power: 63kW
  • Maximum Lift Capacity: 3500kg
  • Maximum Lift Height: 12.28m


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