The JCB 116D has been designed to make things easier in your world.

The JCB 116D is a soil compactor that’s designed first and foremost to give you ultimate productivity. Equipped with an innovative DIESELMAX engine, it provides reduced life cycle costs and fuel consumption.

But that’s not all. It’s also designed and built to be as robust as possible to maximize productivity and uptime. When servicing is needed, it’s quick and easy to perform. And the 116D is also an extremely ergonomic soil compactor that allows operators to perform the job efficiently and in all-day comfort.


Complete Compaction

The front weight ratio is high which provides a very high static linear load. Combined with optimized amplitude and frequency, this helps you achieve the ultimate Homogeneous compaction performance in the lowest possible number of passes on every surface from sand to rock.

Built for efficiency
  • The BS-III compliant JCB Diesel MAX engine is equipped with a variable fan as standard, providing you with fuel savings of up to 6%.
  • In-house JCB service support
  • State-of-the-art JCB Diesel MAX engine
  • Robust
  • Fuel efficient
More Reliable and Durable

Soil Compactor has a tough life which is why we’ve designed and built the JCB 116D to be robust as it can be. Productivity and uptime are maximized accordingly.

Best-In-Class Operator Comfort

For best-in-class operator comfort, JCB116 has intuitive, easy-to-use, and ergonomic controls, all laid out in industry standards. The ergonomically designed steering wheel and console offer fatigue-free operation. The cab platform is mounted on 4 viscous mounts, to isolate it from any vibrations and to make the operator feel comfortable even during high amplitude passes.

Ease of Servicing
  • 100% access to all hydraulic and engine components.
  • Lockable diesel inlet to prevent vandalism.
  • Waterproof control panel (IP 67/69).
  • Towing Pump.
  • Auto dust removal feature.


  • Operating Weight: 11350kg
  • Engine Power: 85kW
  • Drum Width: 2100mm


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